In the market, there are several gaming consoles, all competing for trade and the title of being the best.   Rivalry is fierce and this creates an ongoing competition to bring out the latest console or accessory.  Every addition released has improvements and enhancements over previous models or competitor version.  Several years have passed since the old coined-operated consoles were in action and the industry has completely evolved with the gaming console.

The Nintendo Wii is currently the latest in the range to its numerous predecessors of Nintendo consoles, most of which have seen great success.   Nintendo seems unstoppable in dominating the gaming industry against its competing companies and this is helped by official third party developments for games and accessories.  One of the newest editions to the family is the Wii Drawing Tablet, an accessory for the Wii which promises new experiences.

The Wii drawing tablet is powered by the Wii remote and supports a 4 inch by 6 inch drawing space with a pressure sensitive stylus, made by the game publisher THQ. Kids can have images made from charcoal or opaque water colours. By using the stylus it seems you are handling and using real pencils and other drawing materials to create your sketches, drawings and paintings.

The Wii Drawing Tablet with U draw studio cost £39.71. Wii drawing tablet and Disney game for  £52.97, Dood’s Big Adventure for only £ 14.39 and the UDraw studio-game and tablet which is £38.87.  There are lots of Wii drawing tablet games and software to choose from. That will surely satisfy your needs.

Find more Wii Drawing Tablet items in store now.


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