The games for 3DS have other versions in Nintendo consoles but playing them in the Nintendo 3DS makes it a more enjoyable experience. For one, this console lets you view 3D images without the need to wear 3D glasses. 3DS, although smaller and heavier, has a breathtaking resolution and backwards compatibility. If you used to own DS Lite, don’t toss the games away because you can play them in the 3DS.

Games for 3DS: Nintendogs + Cats

Almost everyone has Nintendogs +Cats in their Nintendo DS, regardless of personality or age. It is one of the most realistic pet-simulated games in the gaming industry. Pet lovers will squeal with delight as they watch their virtual pet develop and grow. Nintendogs+Cats has significantly improved, thanks to the features of the Nintendo 3DS. The touchscreen, microphone, and camera will assure better interaction with your pet. For instance, your pet will mimic your movements if you position your face properly with the camera. There are three versions to this game: Golden Retriever, French Bulldog, and Toy Poodle. Plus, you get to unlock 27 dog breeds and 3 cat breeds.

Games for 3Ds: Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS

No 3DS experience is complete without a sporting game. Enjoy the world’s most popular game in your very own Nintendo 3DS with the Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS. Playing Pro Evolution Soccer in the 3DS is like playing it on the big screen. Needless to say, the graphics are detailed and pristine. No need to look twice to identify the famous players. The latest added feature to this game is the player camera, which puts you in the vantage point of the players in action.

Games for 3DS: Super Street Fighter IV:3D Edition

If you’re a Super Street Fighter fan, you’ll take it a few notches higher with the 3DS. In addition to the traditional game modes, the latest Super Street Fighter version for 3DS has StreetPass specific modes. This allows the user to command the figurines to fight in other battles even if the user doesn’t play the game. The controls have also improved, with the addition of the Light and Pro options. For the light mode, beginners can push a single button to manage different movements. As you become more experienced, you can fight other players with the Pro controls. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition also features over-the-shoulder camera view to enhance the 3D experience.

Games for 3DS: Tom Clancys Recon: Shadow Wars 3DS

This game gets a thumbs-up, especially to those who are familiar with the Tom Clancy games. This turn-based strategy game lets you build and train your own elite special ops team to stop Yuri Treskayev from dominating the world. You have at least 6 classes of soldiers with many unlockable equipment and skills. This game also allows multi-player game play, particularly 1 on 1 challenges. Enjoy 35 missions and 20 skirmish maps.

Basically, many old Nintendo games now have upgraded versions for games for 3DS. Games for 3DS makes gameplay more realistic so you won’t even notice how much time you’ve spend for each game.

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